About STEMFab

We want kids to know STEM as a way of thinking, a set of mental and physical tools, and a body of knowledge that is interrelated.

STEMFab is about learning Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math by acquiring the skills of Fabricating real world things in a fun and interesting way.


Technology is about making people more capable.

Engineering uses Science, Mathematics and Technology to make more Technology.

Science is the search for knowledge and Math is the search for pattern.


Our workshops use hand tools, safe power tools, and Desktop Fabrication equipment such as CNC mills, 3D Printers, Substrate Cutters, and an Injection Molding Machine.

(A laser cutter, vacuum former and other machines are on their way).

We use Science Simulation and Digital Engineering programs running on laptops, tablets, single board computers and the cloud.

Our approach is that fundamental Science, applied Math, and Engineering skills that support low and high Technology, are all equally important.

At STEMFab, we will see history, learn a rich vocabulary and see how the real world works making experiments, equipment, toys, and high technology.


The founders and teachers at STEMFab have experience as practicing chemical engineers, lab chemists, artists, simulation software programmer/analysts, entrepreneurs, artisans, and educational toy designers.  Our hobbies are making instructional toys and studying recreational mathematics.


Hands-On Learning:

Spatial Skills | Making STEM Projects
Coding | Micro-controllers | Robotics
Digital Engineering | Desktop Fabrication
Taught by Engineers | For K-12
Workshops From 45 minutes to 3 Hours

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